Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Adventures of Invisible Girl and Hologram Boy

Leila Clark - kind, studious, plain and shy - and Nolan Greene - sharp, solitary, technical and considerate - faded into the background of their world. In a day and age when high schoolers have to be loud and peppy to be noticed, these two have scarcely left a mark on any of their peers. But by the end of their sophomore year they will have gone through enough to make sure that everyone will remember them - the invisible girl and the hologram boy.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The First Ever Fated Mishaps Audio Book!

Yes, we do indeed know how fabulous we are XD
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Private Survey: Take Two

Name: Gwenneth Sinclair, but my friends call me Gwen…that is only Nikki calls me Gwen and occasionally Colin when he’s not being a total jackass.

Brief Background: I suppose you can say that my background is quite your typical background. Only daughter of the CEO and main stockholder at Exxon and retired Brazilian supermodel. The reason I do not say their names is that I only call the people
I’ve seen more then ten times in my life by their name. Don’t even ask of my requirements to call them Mom and Dad.

Friends: Nikki Baxter is my closest and only friend. What can you say? Beautiful people are just drawn together I suppose.

Enemies: Everyone who does not fit into my world but if you have to be specific I suppose Lucy Sharpiro would be Public Enemy #1. She’s the only one that I
would barely count as a worthy enough opponent. Barely though.

What Animal Best Describes You? A peacock. Beautiful and vain. With a lot of reasons to be. And with a strut that shows the world that nothing else can compare.

What Would Be Your Perfect Date? Taking me somewhere and doing something I have never done before. Quite a tall order when you think about it. It takes no ordinary man to
satisfy me, although I can make it seem otherwise.

If It Was the End of the World, What Would You Say? I would say good luck to the rest of you. It’s survival of the fittest and only the best will win. And that of course would be me.

Strengths and Weaknesses? Strengths: beauty, brains, charm, must we state the obvious? Weaknesses: …

If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It
Be? Change about myself? Please, who would ever try to change perfection?

Additional Comments: Count yourself lucky that I had some time before Charles picked me up or I would not have filled out this dumb quiz in a million years.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Preternatural Promo!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Saturday!

When Elana arrives for the Creators babble, alone since Jenn is out of town, she has some unexpected guests.

Christina: Today in the Unlocked Closet –
Rosy: Christina, please, no one invited you.
Christina: No one invited you either, Rosaline, but you’re here.
Rosy: That’s because it’s my story, no matter how much you wish it were yours. I bet your book hasn’t even been opened.
Christina: That is not true!
Rosy: The baker doesn’t count.
Edward: Girls, girls, no need to fight. As Christina was saying, today in the Unlocked Closet we -
Elana has joined the chatroom.
Elana: Um…Rosy, Christina, Edward, what are you guys doing here? It's Saturday.
Rosy: You stole my day, Elana. Did you really expect there to be no consequence for that? The Plastic folk are taking over Saturday. And I guess that included Christina. Edward, we really didn’t think this out.
Edward: She’s right; you can’t just take our day like that. And power in numbers, Rosy, it’ll be fine.
Elana: It was Jenn’s birthday! We were celebrating! You can’t honestly be angry about that. She created you!
Rosy: So then she should’ve known how important having our own day was to us! We’re important! We have 51 points on Textnovel!
Elana: Look, I’m sorry, I totally overlooked you all. I didn’t realize you would get so upset.
Edward: You could have just told us. Some here are reasonable, after all.
Rosy: Hey!
Elana: No, really, you can have your day. What were you planning on doing, anyway?
Christina: I was thinking I could perform a song written by me and –
Rosy: Leave, Christina! I thought I was through with you after you had me kidn –
Rosy: Fine! If you must know, Elana, we didn’t have a plan. We worked out how to get in here, but…
Elana: How about you just advertise for your story? That’s always fun.
Rosy: Ever since I was a little girl –
Edward: Princes, have you ever gotten tired of –
Rosy: - my mother wanted me to have the greatest story –
Edward: - normal princesses? Well, take a look –
Rosy: - ever told. I was a disappointment. But –
Edward: - inside of our story and you’ll find –
Rosy: - even though my story is unconventional, I –
Edward: - something for you.
Rosy: - am sure you’ll enjoy it.
Elana: Very nice! Christina, do you have anything to add?
Christina: If you’d like to read
A great story, indeed
You must follow this link
And before you can blink
You will find a tale
Of girls, and a male,
The Plastic Slipper
Is the story for you,
Come, let us see you through…

The Plastic Slipper!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

(Click image for full view!)

(this will make sense soon XD)
|All|Blaise|Oliver|Sirius|Cole|Colin|Jared|Alec|Alex|Chris|Edward Cullen|Prince Edward|Matt|Brodick|

Jenn gathered up the grocery bags and headed up the walk to her house. Why a sobbing Elana had called in desperate need of a bag of cinnamon, purple sprinkles, three different flavors of pixy stix, a jar of Greek olives, seven thick and creamy strawberry Yoplaits, a gallon of Superman ice cream and three bags of Xtra Cheeze Goldfish was beyond her, but she’d run out to the store to get them nonetheless. The girl had said she’d be meeting her at her house later that night – and repay her, of course - and everything would become clear. Rolling her eyes, Jenn put down one of the bags to search in her purse for her house key before seeing that the door was already open. She searched her memory and remembered locking the door before she’d left – and were those noises coming from upstairs?

Setting down all of her things, Jenn took out her wand and crept into the house. So, yeah, maybe it wasn’t the smartest move to go into a place you think is being robbed, but she had to check it out. Wand at the ready she stepped lightly to the stairwell and proceeded upwards. As she neared the landing she began to her footsteps, lots of synchronized footsteps, and music, coming from her room. Perplexed, she stayed alongside the side of the wall her slightly open door was on to get a better look. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Inside was Elana, all of Jenn’s men, Evan on the bed with a laptop, a light and sound system strung up around the room, and a rack of tuxedos was stationed against the back wall. At the moment, all of the men were coming out of the triangular formation they had been in, laughing together while Elana looked extremely put out.

Evan clicked off the music – his A/V club connections had allowed him to sneak out all of the supplies Elana had ord – requested. She was standing with her fists clenched, a vein in her forehead going wild as she tried to stay calm.

“Boys,” she said through her teeth, “I called this emergency rehearsal because, good God, this is an emergency! You all came late so we haven’t been able to start until now! You are ruining my choreography! Some of you,” she said dangerously, narrowing her eyes at Alec, “still don’t know the difference between spirit fingers and jazz hands. How are we supposed to put on the perfect show for Jenn if you can’t even get that right?”

The laird was humbled from his position in the back, but gave jazz hands a whirl to try and mollify their self-appointed director.

She sighed heavily, shaking her head. “Once more from the top.”

The men shuffled into formation, and Jenn couldn’t believe her eyes.

Blaise stood apart from the line in the back, and began to sing, the others humming harmoniously in the background as they danced. The music started out soft, slow and soulful, his deep voice matching it perfectly. The lights were dimmed, a single spotlight shining on the Slytherin.

When we first met
I knew it could be,
I could never set
You apart from me,
I had a feeling that you
Knew it too,
So now I’m singing this
Song for you,
A message from
Your first -

He paused and was joined off by Oliver and Sirius who all slowly sang in tandem as the music sped up and became more lively,

- love.

The three stood next to each other, snapping their fingers and shifting their weight from side to side until Oliver, and then young Sirius sang.

I love you more than Quidditch
I ditched detention for you
You’re the kindest witch
I’ve ever known,

But I can’t have you for my own


Everyone stepped to the front in a clump, danced in unison and belted out,

I was made for you
(All of us?)
And you were made for me
(Oh, I see.)
You put me into the Closet
Just to keep me near
You take me out so I don’t fret
I can hear you loud and clear

I love you

A short pause as Chris, Prince Edward, Alec, Alex, Matt and Colin came forward and the others stepped back, dancing in the background, and then


You gave us life
We made you our wife
Creator, lover, you’re true
I was dead
‘Til I popped out of your head
And I wouldn’t want it
Any other way
You put me into your story
You gave me Tory
But I came to love you instead


All came forward for the chorus again, but this time it was Edward Cullen, Cole, Jared and Brodick who stayed forwards.

You pulled me out of my book
And gave me another look
At the life I have to live
The greatest gift you could ever give
So I thank you
For all that you do
For getting me out of those pages


Everyone stepped up for the chorus and clumped together, forming the triangle Jenn had first seen.

And we are wishing you,
Our beloved Jenn,
A very happy birthday
From your Closet men

The music faded out and Evan turned on the lights for the critique. Elana stood silently for a moment before collapsing on the bed in a huff.

“You’re hopeless, every single one of you,” she cried, voice muffled by the quilt. Angry, defensive yelling erupted from Jenn’s closet; the women didn’t like their men being spoken to like that. Elana put a silencing charm on the door and yelled in frustration herself. “No one uses the cues, no one can stay on beat, this is useless! After all that time and effort, useless!” She sat up, lower lip quivering, and muttered a spell. A moment later there was an enormous gift-wrapped box in the middle of the room. Pointing at it, she said disappointedly, “Get in, just get in, and you’ll pop out and yell ‘Surprise’ and she’ll never even know the difference.”

“Actually, she will,” said Jenn with a laugh, stepping into the room. Elana nearly fell off of the bed in shock as all of the boys ran to Jenn, enveloping her in a twenty-six armed hug.

“Did you like it?” Alex asked eagerly.

“Like it? I loved it!”

“Even though they were all off beat and can’t really sing?” a soft voice from the bed asked.

“Gives it character, we know all about that,” Jenn replied, worming her way out of the group to give her friend a hug. They laughed, and the group reformed.

“But I’m confused,” Jenn said. “Why did you need all of those groceries?”

“To get you out of the house and give us enough time to practice!”

“Of course, should’ve known.”

“Happy birthday Jenn! We love you!”
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Private Survey

Please answer all questions thoroughly. Our Psychology experiment is dependant on it! Results will be posted in Room 311 on Friday. Please attach a picture and return to Taylor Moore when finished. I promise this all relates! Thanks!

Name: Lucy Shapiro

Brief Background: Adam and I (we’re twins, exhilarating, I know) were born in Connecticut and raised Jewish. Somehow we survived public school through eighth grade, but then my parents (or grandparents, rather) thought it would be better for us to continue our education in a finer institution than Englewood High, and so now we’re here. I tutor those in need.

Friends: Allyson (Ally) King is my best friend at Wycliffe, although Daniel (Denny) Barnes has climbed up the charts as well. Of course, Adam and I are extremely close as well, inseparable.

Enemies: Remind me again why I agreed to fill this out? If you must know, the demonic Gwenneth (Gwen) Sinclair and her minion Nicolette Baxter would fall into this category.

What Animal Best Describes You? I would have to say an ocelot – small (I’m only 5’4”), territorial (Have you ever tried messing with the people I love?), and endangered (They try to beat people like me out of this place).

What Would Be Your Perfect Date? Probably just staying in, lying low. No need to go out and do something fancy all of the time, although once and a while would be nice.

If It Was the End of the World, What Would You Say? I would be trying to convince the aliens taking over the planet to stop and go back to their own galaxy. Oh dear God, all of Adam’s middle school sci-fi fascination is catching up with me.

Strengths and Weaknesses? Strengths: loyal, passionate, intelligent, protective; Weaknesses: loquacious, blunt, bitter, insecure

If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be? I suppose I could try to be less vengeful.

Additional Comments: Taylor, if I remember correctly from the reading we did for homework last week, surveys are supposed to be anonymous. You might want to fix that before Ms. P sees
. Also, you could read my story, found here. Interesting quiz, can't tell what you're studying, but really, Taylor, revise this without the name slot. Seriously.
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